2500+ happy clients
from 22 different countries

“World class treatment planning service that I have relied on and trusted completely now for over 14 years and 6,600 cases !!!”

Dr. Barry Buckley

ClearBraces.ie – Founder of AlignerConsulting.com, Ireland

“I have been using Brian’s (invisibleTx) services since 2012 and quickly became the leader of invisalign in my area. As a general dentist, I often combine restorative solutions to finish a treatment and Brian’s attention to detail regarding smile aesthetics has been invaluable. I have the confidence to take on basic to complex cases knowing that he has created the most predictable ClinCheck possible for each patient. His knowledge of the invisalign system and the mechanics of the aligners are just a couple of the many benefits of using his service. I have completed 2700 cases and owe a large part of each patient’s success to Brian and his dedication for creating high level predictable treatments.”   

Dr. Lisa Creaven

Quay Dental, Galway, Ireland

“Working with Brian (invisibleTx) has been invaluable. I have successfully treated over 500 Invisalign cases and I have consulted with Brian on each one. His experienced insight into tooth mechanics coupled with his complete knowledge of Invisalign and its applications allows for predictable and detailed planning. As a general practitioner providing Invisalign , Brian's input is instrumental to achieving the optimum treatment plan for my patients.”

Dr. Ann Griffin

Booterstown Dental Practice, Blackrock, Co.Dublin, Ireland

"Brian has been a major part of my Invisalign journey over the past 14 years. His vast knowledge of Invaslign has been invaluable to achieving predictable results with my patients.With invisibleTx Brian is easy to be contacted by secure email or skype if we need to talk through a clincheck. Being based in the UK the time difference in corresponding has never been an issue with this highly efficient service... Worth every penny!"

Dr Emma Barrett BDS

Bracken, Barrett and Associates, St Helier, Jersey. UK

“I have been treating patients for the past 9 years with Invisalign. Brian at InvisibleTx has been a very important part of that process. Brian's expertise and knowledge of the Invisalign system allowed me to confidently treat my patients with Invisalign. As a clinical  advisor,  Brian has always given  excellent guidance on how to use the Invisalign system most effectively. His service is professional, efficient, cost effective and most importantly allows you to finish your patients Invisalign treatment in the most reliable way possible.”

Dr. Maria Byrne

Cork Dental Smiles, Cork, Ireland

“I have been using invisibleTx for over 2 years now and have found their support invaluable. I feel so strongly in his skills and benefits that No Invisalign patients at our three practices are treated without a full assessment and planning service done in conjunction with Brian.  He has helped to ensure all my patients receive a predictable and efficient smile with Invisalign aligners. Together we have planned to avoid many common pitfalls and problems before they even occur. This is largely thanks to his vast experience in dealing with over 1 million clinchecks and over 100,000 patients. We are aware of Teeth that need more monitoring throughout the treatment before we even start. Even the patient is aware of what to keep an eye on.  His experience and knowledge base is impressive to see when we discuss cases. Thanks to this skill set our patients achieve a more aesthetic and functional smile.  I find him to be extremely approachable and very supportive. He is very accessible and goes the extra miles for all our patients.  Overall a Fantastic service and I would recommend him to all Invisalign users. He truly is a part of the practice team and patients often thank Brian as well as the practice for the dream smile they’ve always wanted.”

Dr. Dharmesh Barot

Sunningdale Dental Practice, Station Chambers, London Road, Sunningdale, UK Ascot Dental Practice, 13 London Road, Ascot, Berkshire, UK The Elms Dental Practice, 256 Norcot Road, Tilehurst, Reading, UK

"I cannot stress enough how helpful Brian has been for my Invisalign cases! His knowledge and expertise are invaluable, it’s quick and easy to set up a Skype appointment with him and his turn around times for the cases are really fast. He has been full of advice and tricks of the trade for every case I have done together with him and I feel so much more confident doing Invisalign as a General Practitioner knowing that Brian is at hand!"

Dr. Cecilia Savio

Clinique Dentaire des Arts, Brussels European Quarter

“I’ve been using invisibleTx’s (Brian) services for the last 6 years and found his expertise and understanding of Invisalign second to none. This working relationship has elevated my ability and confidence at providing aligner treatments to my patients. Since I’ve started working with Brian, I have become a platinum elite provider as I’ve had the support and advice to take on more complicated and challenging cases. He has helped me develop a much greater understanding and appreciation of the clincheck system. He provides an incredible and invaluable service without which I would be lost! I couldn’t recommend invisibleTx highly enough to anyone treating patients with Invisalign!”

Dr. Colin O'Hehir

Dean Street Dental, Kilkenny, Ireland

“I have been using Brian for many years to assist me with my Invisalign treatment planning and clinicheck modifications . With Brian’s in depth knowledge of Invisalign mechanics my treatment delivery has proved to be efficient and predictable resulting in reduced treatment times which is a huge benefit for myself and my patients “

Dr Anoop Maini

Aqua Dental Clinic, Pinner, UK

I have been treating Invisalign cases for over 14 years and began working with Brian many years ago through Invisalign. In the last few years I have used Brian’s InvisibleTx service and have been very pleased with the level of service and expert help.Brian is meticulous, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and I have no hesitation recommending him to my colleagues…. He just takes away the stress!

Dr. Yasmin George

Confident Smiles by Design, Weybridge, UK

"I cannot do any Invisalign case without Brian. When I hand a plan over to Brian, I know that I can relax and get back a beautiful result for my patient, in the shortest time possible. His planning service frees up my time to do more profitable procedures than sitting at my desk working on ClinChecks! "

Dr. Hap Gill

The Gill Clinic, Greater London, UK

"I’ve been using Brian’s services for a while now and find his insight invaluable for the efficient and predictable management of my Invisalign cases. He turns the ClinChecks around in good time and his knowledge of the system is second to none. All in all, a great service and one which I will continue to use for most if not all my Invisalign cases.”

Dr. Chris Burton

Middleton St George Dental Care, Darlington, UK

“I have been using invisibleTx (Brian) and his services for over a year now. As we are the largest provider of invisalign in the East midlands area of the UK, I needed someone trustworthy, reliable and experienced to work with setting up clinchecks and treatment plans. Brian has a wealth of experience, is so easy to work with, and the end results speak for themselves. I have had very little need to enter refinement phases as he understands what will work best for each individual case. He helps me tailor individual treatment plans to a high standard. After working with other companies, it is clear he is the best in this field!”

Dr. Yasmin Shakarchy

Dental Perfections, Derby, UK

"I have worked exclusively with invisibleTx to set up all my clinchecks and for advise in all my Invisalign cases now for 15 years. I would be lost without Brian's faultless patience, expertise and guidance."

Dr. Mark Becker

Chase Lodge Dental, Page St, Mill Hill, North London, UK

Dear Colleagues, I have received amazing advice and guidance from invisibleTx (Brian) for a number of years now and I will still work with him on my difficult cases plus borderline I-Lite cases for his expertise. He is so easy and approachable to work with and our end results plus minimal refinements make the financial investment just that! A great investment.

Dr. Marc Mortiboys

Mortiboys Dental Spa, East Horsley, UK

I first met Brian from the invisibleTx consultancy at the Invisalign European Summit in 2006, I then had need for someone to help me manage my caseload of Invisalign patients, and this is exactly what Brian and his team have been doing for me ever since then.

The service provided by InvisibleTX, shows in the meticulous and efficient way that ClinChecks are modified and developed for our office. Brian has a deep understanding  and experience of the capabilities of Invisalign and helps me to sort out mouths prior to major restorative and implant work-ups. This makes achieving very nice orthodontic and restorative dentistry that little bit easier than it otherwise would be. All round great service and very pleasant people to deal with that I cannot recommend too strongly to colleagues.

Dr. John Barton

International Health Center, Milano, Italy

"invisibleTx is a dedicated professional company who helps with treatment planning for Invisalign cases, with Brian's help, support and excellent work we have grown into one of the main provider of Invisalign in our area. invisibleTx has become a part of my business that I can depend upon which is a rare thing these days."

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

New Street Dental/MiSmile, Birmingham (west midlands), UK